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Akshardham Temple Delhi

Sahajanand Darshan (Hall of values)

Experience the timeless meassages of Indian culture portrayed through the life of Bhagwn swaminarayan.
The princeiple need of sculpti ng one’s life for happiness,
Success and peace of mind is depicted in this exhibition, endeavour, pyayer, morality, vegetarianism and family harmony through film shows,3-d diorams and audioanimatronics presentations from the life of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. The exquisite settings and statues in each diorama are brought to life through robotics, fibre optics, light and sound effects, dialogues nd music,, which transpoirt the audience back to 18th century India.

Neelkanth Darshan (Giant Screen Theatre)

A Large format period film portrays the exciting and inspiring pilgrimagew of the child-yogi Neelkanth Varmi in the latter part of 18th century India. This unique period film, Neelkanth Yatra, almost eqical in magnitude was shot in 108 locations, ranging from the icy peaks of the Himalays in the north ot the pure shored of Kerala in the traditions on a giant screen that is over six storeys high. Heelkanth Yatra is the first ecer large format film filmed in India and produced by an NGO.
The I nternational lrge format version of Neelkanth Yatra is called Mystic India”

© Filmed at 108 locations in India with 30 giant settings
© Cast of 45,000
© The magic of 18th century India re-created on a giant screen.

Sanskruti Vihar (Cultural Boat Ride)

A 14- minute boat ride experience through 10,000 years of I ndia’s glorious heritage:

Witness the world’s oldest village and bazaar of Vedic India.
Sail through Takshashila the world’s fir4st university
Maravel at the ancientists of Indoa, whose contributions ot the world in lude zero (o), pi gravitational law, flight , plastic surgery, Ayurveda and much more.


From ancient ti mes the parikramas (circumamabulatory Paths) of mandirs have been pathways to express reverence and devotion to the deities of Sanatan Dharma. The two-storey Swaminarayan akshardham parikrama is made of red stone from Rajasthan, and consists of 1,152 pillars, 145 windows and 154 samavarans. It circles gallery in the lower parikrama provides different, reathtaking views of the Skshardham mandir. The soft chanting of the holy names of God permeates the parikrama, evoking peace and divinity.The tow-tiered parikrama is the first of its kind in India.

Narayan Sarovar

Since Vedic times, I ndia has had a glorious tradition of water pilgrim places in the form of ricers,, lakes and stepwells. Following theis tradition, a sacred water body, Narayan Sarovar, surrounds the main Skshaardham mandir. The lake contains holy waters of 151 rivers and lakes sanctified by Bhagwan Swaminarayan, including Manasarovar, Pushkar Sarovar, Pampa Sarovar,Indradyumna Sarovar, Manikranika Ghat, Prayag Triceni Sangam, River Kshipra, and many other. On the outer wall of the mandir touching Narayan Sarovar are 108 names of God, from which hly ware issues fcorth. Interspersed withing ther Narayan sarovar are lotus ponds from which the fully-bloomed lotus flowers I mapart an I nspiring message sarovar give the mandir and ambience of a traditional pilgrim place. Devotees and pilgrims touch the holy water on their heads with faith and recerecnr and chatnt the names of God as they offer water in to the lake.

Neelkanth Abhishek

Decotess offer abhishek (ritual pouring of water) to the murti of Neelkanth Varni, and pray for spiritual upliftment and fulfillment of wishes.

Yogihriday Kamal

This is special lotus of suspicios sentiments. Yogiji Maharaj, who envisoned Akshardham, always prayed, “May God do good to all.” He had I ntinite faith in God and man. Every petal of Yogihriday Kamal reflects the auspicious sentiments of Yogiji Maharaj.
Since time I mmemorial grat thinker, scientists, writers, saints and sages from ecery corner of our earth hjae expressed their prolific faith in the religious scriptures, God and man. Hre, every petal inspires such fratiht with messages feom internationally renowned personages like William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sharles Darwin, swami Vivekanand,, Mahatma Gandhi and other.

Premvati Upahargruh (Food Court)

Premvati Uphargruh of Food Court has a traditional cultural ambience, marking the cisitours feel relaxex peaceful. The restaurant sercves pur vegetarian dishes and sweet food : north and south Indian favourited, and svourty traditional Gujarati I tems like swaminaryan khichdi and yougurt, khaman, etc.

Akshar Haat (Akhsardham Souvenir Shop)

The spacious souvenir shop has soucenirs,, girft items, postcard, audio- video cassettes and CDs on Swaminarayan Akshardham. Also, herbal medicines and other productrs made bvy the BAPS are available here.

Bharat Upvan (Cultural Garden)

Bharat Upvan exudes a magnificent natural atmosphere through its many lawns and lush gardens graced by bronze statues of some of the great fole models of India. India’s child gems, valorous child gems, valorous warrours, freedom figthters, national figures and great women personalities, inspire values and pride for our nation.

Child Heroes of India
See the austere child-devotee Dhruv, embodiments of obedience Satyakam jabali, Upamanya and aruni, steadfast Macjodeta pf the I[amosjads. Valorous Lav and Kush, ideal disciple Eklavya, pragon of parental devotion sharva, brave Bharat (son of Dushyant), and Bhakta Prahlad.

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