Thursday, April 8, 2010

Garden Of India

Bharat Upvan
Akshardham Temple Delhi
Over the millennia, people have always looked up to role models for inspiration, guidance, peace and courage. Their lives radiate a bright sterling perennial for all mankind, irrespective of all human beings, geographical and cultural differences.
India, which has the world's oldest civilization, home to one sixth of humanity and has the world's largest democracy, has produced from its vast cultural matrix a legion of models for the world to emulate.

Bharat Upvan exudes a magnificent natural and cultural environment through its manicured lawns, gardens and bronze statues of the wonderful large models in India. India's child gems, brave warriors, freedom fighters, national figures and great women personalities inspire visitors with the values and pride for our great nation.

Yogihriday Kamal

This is a special lotus of auspicious sentiments.
Yogiji Maharaj, who dreamed of Akshardham, always prayed: "May God do good of all." He had infinite faith in God and man.
Each petal of Yogihriday Kamal reflects the favorable feelings Yogiji Maharaj.

Since time immemorial, great thinkers, scientists, writers, international personalities, saints and sages from all corners of our country have expressed their faith prolific in religious scriptures, God and man. Here, each petal characters inspired by messages of renowned internationally about faith in God and faith in man.
A pinch of this faith can
Transform the face of our world,
And life itself.

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