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Akshardham Temple Delhi
Akshardham Temple Delhi
Akshardham Temple Delhi
Ten Dewars
The ten dwars symbolize the then directions described in Indian culture. They reflect the sentiments of accepting all that is auspicious and good from every direction. Such righteousness of mind and heart fosters the spirit of universal love, brotherhood and peace in the world.

Bhakti Dwar
The ornate stone entrance symbolizes the offering of pristine bhakti towards the dual forms of Gosd and his devotee (Bhakta-Bhagwan). Sanatan Dharma propagate the bhakti of Lakshmi-narayan, Sita- Ram, Radha-Krishna, Parvati-Shiv, Akhar-Purushottam, Nar-Narayan,Savitri-Brahma, Revati-BValadecv nd other divine dual forms.
Bhakti means pure love of Goad hd his ideal Devotee. Through bhakti the spiritually inclined attain liberation. The Bhakti Dwar has 208 beautifully carved dual forms of Bhakta-Bhagawan, bestowing their blessings on all.

Mayur Dwar (Peacock Gate)

The peacock stands for beauty and self-control in Indian culture. It is the national bird of India. Loved by the association with dicene incarnations and steores in the Hundu shastras.
A unique feature of the peacock is its spectacular and antes a a fascinating and delightful spectacle.
Each Mayur Dwar has 869 I intricately carved stone pea cocks. The two ornate gates are unique works of art and sculpture.

Foot prints of Bhagwan Swaminarayan

A large marble replica of the holy footprints of Bhagwan Swaminarayan (1781-1830CE) between the tow Mayur Dwars co mmemorates his I ncarnation on earth. He possessed the 16 holy signs on his feet, which are hallmarks of dicinity as described I n the shastras.
Thousands of original footprints imprinted on cloth are worshipped by the faithful in Swanminarayan mandirs and homes today. In recer3nce to him, four conch shells shower water on the marvle footprint replica.

Akshardham menans the eternal, divine abode of the supreme God,the abode of the eternal balues and virtues of Akhsar as defined in the Vedas nad Upanishads, whre bhakti, purity and peace forever pervade.
The colossal mandir, built without steel, consists of 234 ornately crvex pillars, 9ornate domes, 20 samvarans, a spectacular Gajendra peeth (plinth of stone elephants)
And 20,000 murtis and staues of India’s great sadhus, sevotees, acharyas and divine personalities., The mandir is 141 ft high, 316 ft wide and 356ft long. It is a fusion of pink stone and pure white marvele, where pink stone is a symbol of bhakti in eternal, bloom and white marbvle that of absolute purity and paace. Akshardham was created by HDHPramukh Swami Maharaj to fulfil the wish successor in the spiritual tradition of Bhagwan swami-narayan. In the short ti me-span of five years Brahmaswarup Yogiminji Maharaj’svision of swaminarayan Akhardham became a reality due to the blessings of Parmukh Swami Maharaj, 300 million man-hours of ser-vices of epic proportions rendered by 11,000 volun-teers, sadhus and artisans and the immense sacrifice, austerities, and artisans of humdreds of hthousands of decotees of the BAPS Swaminarayna Sanstha.

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